How to Pass the Bar Examinations


How to Pass the Bar Examinations

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I am Atty. Remus Romano Reyes. I became a lawyer at 41 years old after passing the 2009 Two-examiner Bar examinations.

I will teach you the number 1 skill in passing the Bar examinations plus comprehensive resources for all eight subjects valued at more than 50,000 pesos. You would also receive face-to-face lectures and training valued at 20,000 pesos

You will also be a part of the private Facebook group so there would be interactive participation with me and my other students (Priceless).



Have you ever dreamed of becoming a lawyer? Are you a graduating law student looking for answers on how to pass the Bar examinations?

Let me help you create your own reviewer and acquire the number one skill to pass the Bar Examinations.

I have developed a system in answering Bar Examinations accurately, briefly, and concisely through the method of enhancing your rituals and visualize the answers during the examination proper.

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